How to do this layout in code (runtime)

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    Can anyone help me with how to to this layout in code?

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    Why not use Qt designer for it? And even if you won't use designer you can use the generated code from there and adjust it afterwards.

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    because it's close to christmas:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QApplication a(argc, argv);
        QFrame *frame = new QFrame();
        frame->setStyleSheet("QLabel{background-color:white; border: 1px solid black;}");
        QGridLayout *gLayout = new QGridLayout(frame);
        gLayout->addWidget(new QLabel(frame),0,0,1,3);
        gLayout->addWidget(new QLabel(frame),1,0,3,1);
        gLayout->addItem(new QSpacerItem(0,0,QSizePolicy::Minimum,QSizePolicy::Expanding),1,1,1,1);
        gLayout->addWidget(new QLabel(frame),2,1,1,1);
        gLayout->addItem(new QSpacerItem(0,0,QSizePolicy::Minimum,QSizePolicy::Expanding),3,1,1,1);
        gLayout->addWidget(new QLabel(frame),1,2,3,1);
        return a.exec();

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher i was creating widgets at runtime but it is a great idea that creating widgets in designer and check the codes but i will try first @J-Hilk ' s instance. (These row, column and spans numbers confuse me so much :/ )

    Addition: @J-Hilk many thanks, it's done. I need to do more practice about layouts :)

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