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Rectangle radius only on top corners

  • Hi

    Sorry, newbie here.

    I have a simple Rectangle with a radius of 3.

    I've looked at the documentation but I did not find if is possible to have for example, only top corners rounded? Something like topLeftRadius: 3, or similar.

    If not possible directly, is there any other alternative? thanks

    PS: I'm using QtQuick

  • Hi @Pedro-Luz

    According to the documentation:

    there is currently no way to specify different radii for different corners.

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    I ran into that as well, heres my custom QML-item I made, where you can specifically say what corner shall be rounded:

    its a "Button" but you should be able to adapt the code to your needs.

    import QtQuick 2.11
    Item {
        signal clicked()
        property color color: mArea.pressed ? "white" : "#32FFFFFF"
        onColorChanged: canVas.requestPaint()
        property int radius: root.height/3
        onRadiusChanged: canVas.requestPaint()
        property bool topLeftCorner: true
        property bool topRightCorner: false
        property bool bottomRightCorner: true
        property bool bottomLeftCorner: false
        onTopLeftCornerChanged: canVas.requestPaint()
        onTopRightCornerChanged: canVas.requestPaint()
        onBottomRightCornerChanged: canVas.requestPaint()
        onBottomLeftCornerChanged: canVas.requestPaint()
        property color borderColor: "black"
        onBorderColorChanged: canVas.requestPaint()
        property int borderWidth: 1
        property alias pressed: mArea.pressed
        Canvas {
            anchors.fill: parent
            onPaint: {
                var context = getContext("2d");
                //Start position
                context.moveTo(0,height / 2)
                    context.arcTo(0,0,radius, 0, radius);
                } else {
                    context.lineTo(width - radius, 0)
                    context.arcTo(width, 0, width, radius, radius)
                } else {
                    context.lineTo(width, 0)
                if(bottomRightCorner) {
                    context.lineTo(width, height-radius)
                    context.arcTo(width, height, width - radius, height, radius)
                } else {
                    context.lineTo(width, height)
                if(bottomLeftCorner) {
                    context.lineTo(radius, height)
                    context.arcTo(0, height, 0, height - radius, radius)
                } else {
                    context.lineTo(0, height)
                //Close path
                context.lineTo(height / 2)
                //Draw border
                context.lineWidth = borderWidth
                context.strokeStyle = borderColor
                //Draw background
                context.fillStyle = color
            id: mArea
            onClicked: root.clicked()

  • Thats bad

    Thanks anyway, I'll see if I can experiment with

  • You can, just use Shape instead:

  • There's the simplistic strategy of covering the corners that should remain square. Eg radiused on the top left and right, and bottom left:

    Rectangle {
        radius: 3
        Rectangle {
            width: parent.radius
            height: parent.radius
            anchors {
                bottom: parent.bottom
                right: parent.right
            color: parent.color

  • The OpacityMask is quite a bit more powerful:

    // masking objects to unique shapes
        Rectangle {
            id: mask
            width: output.width
            height: output.height
            color: "transparent"
            Rectangle {
                id: corner_mask
                property real size: parent.width * 0.1
                width: size*2
                height: size*2
                radius: size*2
                color: "red"
                visible: false
            Rectangle {
                id: corner_rect
                width: corner_mask.width
                height: corner_mask.height
                visible: false
            ShaderEffectSource {
                id: shader_effect_mask
                sourceItem: corner_mask
                sourceRect: Qt.rect(0,0,corner_mask.width/2,corner_mask.height/2)
            OpacityMask {
                anchors.left: parent.left
                width: corner_mask.width/2
                height: corner_mask.height/2
                maskSource: shader_effect_mask
                source: corner_rect
                invert: true
            OpacityMask {
                anchors.right: parent.right
                width: corner_mask.width/2
                height: corner_mask.height/2
                rotation: 90
                maskSource: shader_effect_mask
                source: corner_rect
                invert: true
            Text {
                width: output.width
                text: "The OP is from 2018"
                font.pixelSize: 100
                font.bold: true
                wrapMode: Text.WordWrap
                horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignHCenter
                anchors.centerIn: parent
            visible: false
        // the maskee
        Rectangle {
            id: output
            width: 512
            height: 256
            color: "steelblue"
            visible: false
        // just do it!
        OpacityMask {
            source: output
            maskSource: mask
            width: output.width
            height: output.height
            invert: true

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