[Solved] Embedded Linux data directory

  • Hi,
    i've been trying to run Qt app on embedded device but i am getting following error:

    Cannot create Qt for Embedded Linux data directory: /tmp/qtembedded-0

    This message is right because my root dir is read only partition, read write partition is mounted on /APPL. Is there any way to tell Qt to use ie /APPL/tmp to create data directory?
    Thanks for you answers!

  • Hmmm, good question and I'm not sure. A possible work around is to make /tmp writable. You could do this by making it a tmpfs filesystem type. ie add something like this to your /etc/fstab:

    none /tmp/ tmpfs size=1M 0 0

    which would create a tmpfs ramdisk with maximum size of 1MB.

  • OK I've done some digging and here's what I've found. The QWSServer object tries to create and listen on a local socket which by default is /tmp/qtembedded-0. This is done in qwindowsystem_qws.cpp:

    void QWSServerPrivate::initServer(int flags)
    qwsServer = q;
    qwsServerPrivate = this;
    disablePainting = false;
    ssocket = new QWSServerSocket(qws_qtePipeFilename(), q);

    where the function qws_qtePipeFilename() is defined in qapplication_qws.cpp and in turn calls qws_dataDir() which is in the same file. This in turn calls:

    QString qws_dataDir()
    static QString result;
    if (!result.isEmpty())
    return result;
    result = QT_VFB_DATADIR(qws_display_id);

    where QT_VFB_DATADIR is a macro in qvfbhdr.h declared as:

    #define QT_VFB_DATADIR(DISPLAY) QString("%1/qtembedded-%2-%3")

    and finally we see trace down that we need QT_QWS_TEMP_DIR which is declared as:

    #ifndef QT_QWS_TEMP_DIR
    #define QT_QWS_TEMP_DIR "/tmp"

    So now we see that to locate the socket to a different location we somehow need to define QT_QWS_TEMP_DIR to a path of your choice that is writeable by the user your application will be running as.

    I think you should be able to do this by defining QT_QWS_TEMP_DIR in the qplatformdefs.h of your custom mkspec. Then rebuild Qt Embedded for your target device and deploy and test.

    Good luck!

  • Hello,
    thanks a lot for your answer and digging:) I'v decided to take simple solution and made /tmp writable. I was hoping that there will be some kind of easy solution like setting some enviroment variable not rebuilding Qt Embedded:)

  • We made the /tmp directory as "tmpfs" as ZapB mentioned above.

  • No problem. Either solution will work. It depends on your device configuration and other constraints as to what is the easiest. I've used the tmpfs approach too when we were booting a very minimal system using just an initramfs to launch only our application.

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