macOS - built app modifies it contents (and breaks code signing)

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    I'm developing an app for both Windows & macOS. However I encountered a problem with codesigning and running the app on macOS:

    After building the app and deploying it with macdeployqt I manually sign it using codesign (and verify it using both codesign and spctl - all fine). However after first run the signature is broken ("A sealed resource is missing or invalid").

    I managed to find that the problematic resources are newly created qmlc files located in the App, like LinearGradient.qmlc and GaussianBlur.qmlc.

    Why does the app generates them on the client machine? How can I prevent that?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What version of Qt are you using ?
    What about using the code signing option of macdeployqt ?

  • I'm using Qt 5.11.1 (Tried 5.11.2 as well).
    I've tried macdeployqt code signing, however I'm running into the same issue - before launching the app all signatures are valid, after first run Gatekeeper check fails:

    Error details: “-67054: a sealed resource is missing or invalid” {
    	Resources added: 

    Any idea how to prevent doing that? If I make that internal dir read-only then user will have a bad time trying to update/uninstall the app...

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    Since 5.12 was released can you test with it ?

    If it still fails, can you provide a minimal compilable example that shows that behaviour ?

  • @SGaist Sadly it doesn't work on Qt 5.12.

    I will try to prepare a minimal example in next days.

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