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MaintenanceTool.exe is not an executable

  • I installed QT 5.11. During the install it popped an error stating:
    Plugin initialization failed: The maintenance toll at "C:\QT-5/MaintenanceTool.exe" is not an executable.
    It says the same when trying to open a .pro file. I performed a few searches and did not discover how to fix the problem or how to install this one file. The install required some five hours.
    What might my next step be?

  • Hi, if you have an anti-virus program like Avast installed, try disabling it and install 5.11 again.

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    in addition to @hskoglund,

    The install required some five hours.

    please make sure to only install the components you really want to use.

  • I got rid of the antivirus software, removed the first install, pared down the selection, and it still required 2 hours. No errors this time.
    Now I am working on setting up QT Creator for Windows. It cannot find any of the includes and things differ from Visual Studio so that will require some searching.

    It would be very nice if that one maintenance tool component could be updated rather than performing a complete uninstall and install process.

    Thanks for your tips.

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    @BKBK Maintenance tool supports updating Qt and tools already.
    Did you install Visual Studio?

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