api-ms-win-core-localization-ansi-l1-2-2.dll missing error

  • i am facing api-ms-win-core-localization-ansi-l1-2-2.dll missing error while executing .exe made in QT.
    I have serached for this dll but it is not available anywhere ,then QT is requiring this DLL0_1542357023511_Capture.JPG

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    @Vishu1236 What Qt version do you use? How do you deploy your app? On wich Windows version?

  • Hi,
    i am using QT creator 4.7.2 based on QT5.11.2 on windows 7. While i am creating .exe in release mode and running it ,this issue occured.
    Thing is above dll is not available anywhere on internet.

  • Hi, what kit did you use to build your Qt program? If it's "UWP x86..." something then that can explain the error message. To start an UWP app you need to upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 10. If you want to stay on Windows 7 you can try switch to a non-UWP kit. I use "MSVC 2015 32-bit", the same as Qt Creator 4.7.2 uses to build itself. (You can see what kit Qt Creator is built with in Help, About Qt Creator...)

  • Hi @hskoglund
    i am using : Desktop Qt 5.6.3 MinGW 32bit kit
    but same issue occur after building with Desktop Qt 5.6.3 MSVC2015 32bit kit .

  • If you create a new project in in Qr Creator, select Application and Qt Widgets Application and just Build and Run it without changing any code, do you get the same error as you get for your serialport.exe program above?

  • @hskoglund yupp still the same issue.


    can it be related to installation of QT or QT version i am using!!

  • Well your Qt Creator works and it's built with Qt 5.11.2 so maybe you could try running Maintenance Tool to update from 5.6.3 to 5.11.2 and see if the error persists.

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