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Build Qt Online Documentation from Source

  • I am looking to build the Qt documentation from source, for online usage, however I am having difficulties to get it to the same format as used on the Qt website. I am using make and the "qt-module-defaults-online.qdocconf".

    From the urls on the Qt website it seems that all the html files are in a single folder, however when building from Qt, all the html files are spread across the modules. Also the links in the pages, when built from source, contain references to subfolders, while this is not the case for the documentation on the website. For example this link has an additional "../qtquickcontrols2/":

    Official docs
    Generated docs

    The "qt-module-defaults-online.qdocconf" already sets those parameters:

    #single-directory output mode
    HTML.nosubdirs = "true"
    HTML.outputsubdir = "html"

    But this only seems to mean that there is a single-directly PER module, not a single one for the whole doc.
    Is there a way to get all files in a single "html" folder, instead of getting a distinct "html" folder in ever module, and also the links in the same format as on the Qt website, without subdirectories?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    That's an interesting question. I would recommend bringing it on the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

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