Breakpad analyzing crash report

  • Hi,
    I integrated breakpad to my Qt 5.7 MSVC2013 app using this tutorial:

    I obtained stack trace for the crashing thread using minidump_stackwalk.exe:

    Thread 0 (crashed)
     0  ntdll.dll + 0x6a28c
        eip = 0x77c7a28c   esp = 0x0053f45c   ebp = 0x0053f4cc   ebx = 0x0053f5ec
        esi = 0x00000000   edi = 0x00000414   eax = 0x00000000   ecx = 0xfee1dead
        edx = 0x00760000   efl = 0x00000206
        Found by: given as instruction pointer in context
     1  KERNELBASE.dll + 0xf4521
        eip = 0x758c4522   esp = 0x0053f4d4   ebp = 0x0053f4e0
        Found by: previous frame's frame pointer
     2  MyApp.exe!google_breakpad::ExceptionHandler::WriteMinidumpOnHandlerThread(_EXCEPTION_POINTERS *,MDRawAssertionInfo *) + 0x66
        eip = 0x00a0e277   esp = 0x0053f4e8   ebp = 0x0053f5bc
        Found by: previous frame's frame pointer
     3  MyApp.exe!google_breakpad::ExceptionHandler::HandleException(_EXCEPTION_POINTERS *) + 0xa3
        eip = 0x00a0d8e4   esp = 0x0053f500   ebp = 0x0053f5bc
        Found by: call frame info with scanning
     4  KERNELBASE.dll + 0x195cef
        eip = 0x75965cf0   esp = 0x0053f528   ebp = 0x0053f5bc
        Found by: call frame info
     5  ntdll.dll + 0x9d510
        eip = 0x77cad511   esp = 0x0053f5c4   ebp = 0x0053fd28
        Found by: previous frame's frame pointer
     6  ntdll.dll + 0x63029
        eip = 0x77c7302a   esp = 0x0053fd30   ebp = 0x0053fd38
        Found by: previous frame's frame pointer

    This is useless stack trace as it doesn't show stack trace at the time the crash occured (it occured in buggyFunc() mentioned on that page).

    I found several topics about exactly this issue, without any solution. So, it there anyone who was able to sucessfully analye breakpads crash report and can give me any advise? Or is there another crash reporting plugin for Qt (preferably some where analyzing crashes is a little less complicated than with breakpad).

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    @MartinD Do you have more than one thread in your app?

  • Yes, but they are some system threads. The crash occurs in this thread (you can see it is marked as "crashed").

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