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Unable to see Icon created using QSystemTrayIcon in windows "Customize notification icons"

  • I am creating an icon using QSystemTrayIcon, and I want to set the policy in the windows to show my application icon to be visible all the time, even if I minimize or maximize the notification area. If I use the windows "NOTIFYICONDATA " style I can see that my application icon is available in the "Customize notification icons" but with QSystemTrayIcon that option was not available. Any idea how can I customize this using Qt.

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    That's what is used by QSystemTrayIcon on Windows.

    How are you currently using it ?

  • @SGaist: Yes, using QSystemTrayIcon am able to display the icon for the application. But I want my icon to be always visible in the notification area (as below)


    With my current code I see the icon in the notification area initially, but when I try to maximize the notification area, my icon goes in to the overflow area (as below)

    I thought it's windows that has the control on how the notification icons are displayed in the tray. So I tried to look in the control panel to customize my application notifications to be always visible.


    I was not able to find my application entry in this list.

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    Even when your application is running ?

  • @SGaist Yes. Only way I can make it always visible is by promoting my icon to the system tray area (by drag/drog the icon from the overflow area).

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    How do you do it in your application when not using QSystemTrayIcon ?

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