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Screen goes blank momentarily when QT app starts.

  • I'm running a QT application on an embedded device(imx6) with linux. To show the user that the device is up and running, an image is dumped to the framebuffer directly right after the bootloader is up. But after the Kernel boots up and starts the QT application, there is a short period where the frame buffer becomes blank and then the QT application content is shown on the screen.

    Why does this happen and how can this be avoided? Is there a way to prevent QT app from clearing the fb?


    • I'm using a QtQuick2 application. To eliminate the doubt that if QML loading is taking more time, I tested it with a simple app which only creates a white colored window. But even then when an image is dumped to the fb and this app is started, the screen becomes blank before showing the white window.

    • The application is statically built and has a size of around 20MB.