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[Release] RealTime OpenControl (PyQt5)

  • Hello everybody,

    I release my measurement, control and plotting tool called RealTime OpenControl.
    It's based on PyQt5 with pyqtgraph and qtmodern. I used QtDesigner for most of the GUI elements and Linguist for translations from german to english.

    First of all: What is it for?
    It's a universal measurement, plot and control-software. It's purpose is to put measurements from different devices (for example 3d-printers, multimeters, power supplies, microcontroller,...) into one tool. Its fully expandable for every device with Python-Plugins and a running TCP-server. You can also control the devices (if your plugin has this functionality) with python-scripts, which you can write and run at runtime! This makes it also possible to plot everything else. There are some example-plugins and example-scripts included. It also offers an extended plotting-GUI with multiple plots, measure-tools, style-adjustments. Just have a look at the screenshots and the wiki, download it, try it, and send me suggestions and bug-reports, if you find some! Note: the english-translation is not perfect, some text isn't translated. This will be fixed sooner or later, depending on the feedback.


    • Home-automation
    • temperature-sensor calibration
    • system-monitor
    • long-time-measurements
    • just playing around with plots

    Here is one screenshot (there are a lot more in the README file and the wiki of my repository):
    RealTime OpenControl

    My question
    I'm having problems with the automatic translations. Some parts are not beeing translated and I don't know why.

    Useful for PyQt-programmers
    Just have a look at the code. I've implemented some things, that might be interesting for some of you.
    Like QWidget-Drag'n'Drop, some QThreading examples,...

    Please feel free to try this software! It's definitely compatible with linux and windows.
    And maybe you can give me some feedback or improvements. Or send me your plugins.

    Link to my github repository: Click me
    Have fun!

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