How to update to VS2017&Qt5.11.1 from VS2012&Qt5.5.1 ?

  • There is an old solution based on VS2012 & Qt5.5.1. I tried to open it with the new environment VS2017&Qt5.11.1. Then VS2017 asked me if to switch the platform toolset to "Visual Studio 2017 - Windows XP (v141_xp)"(the old one is "Visual Studio 2012 - Windows XP (v110_xp)"). I selected yes, then build the solution with many errors. Then I recovered the platform toolset to Visual Studio 2012 - Windows XP (v110_xp) and set Qt versions to 5.5.1, then the building was successful on VS2017.

    So, my question is that is it possible to move the old project to VS2017+Qt5.11.1 from VS2012+Qt5.5.1(I doubt it's impossible due to compatibility problem)? If yes, how? Many thanks!

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    @Lincoln_SNC What errors did you get?

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    @Lincoln_SNC said in How to update to VS2017&Qt5.11.1 from VS2012&Qt5.5.1 ?:

    is it possible to move the old project to VS2017+Qt5.11.1 from VS2012+Qt5.5.1...?


    See -- the last version of Qt that officially supports Windows XP is Qt 5.6. Newer versions might work, but they are not tested and not supported.

  • @jsulm Thanks for your reply!Here are parts of the errors:

    3>source\QWinHost.cpp(257): error C3861: 'qWinAppInst': identifier not found
    3>D:\install\QT2015\5.11.1\msvc2015\include\QtGui/qtgui-config.h(8): warning C4005: 'QT_OPENGL_ES_2_ANGLE': macro redefinition
    3>D:\install\QT2015\5.11.1\msvc2015\include\QtGui/qtgui-config.h(8): note: command-line arguments: see previous definition of 'QT_OPENGL_ES_2_ANGLE'
    3>_WIN32_WINNT not defined. Defaulting to _WIN32_WINNT_MAXVER (see WinSDKVer.h)
    3>source\QWinWidget.cpp(65): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'qpa/qplatformnativeinterface.h': No such file or directory
    3>Generating Code...
    3>Done building project "QtMFCMigFramework.vcxproj" -- FAILED.

  • @JKSH Thanks for your reply! I downloaded the offline installer "qt-enterprise-windows-x86-msvc2015-5.6.3.exe" since I'm a commercial user. Is it the right version compatible with VS2017? Do I need to build the Qt sources via VS2017 or just use the prebuilt Libs of QT? Thanks!

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    @Lincoln_SNC 2015 version should work with VS2017

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