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Video recording / playing suggestion (OpenCv)

  • Hi,

    We have an application and receiving stream video from IP cameras. pre-processing , deep learning stuff etc .

    We are capturing stream via OpenCv and extracting some objects with meta data ie : date_time which object is seen.

    What I want to :

    Save this frames as h264 or h265 (which one is recommended? )
    every 30 min new video created (partial record)


    when I click a detected object in my app I have its date_time , I want to play that exact time in Qt.

    So what is the direction to do this ? seeking video with date_time ? recording with openCv or Gstream ?

    I would love to hear advice and recommendation including examples if there is any before diving the coding ..


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    If by date_time you mean system time, then you won't be able to retrieve that image unless you somehow have that meta data embedded in each image of your video. If it's the time in the video, then you should be able to do that using the millisecond position of the frame in the video.

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