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Qt Application crashes if it remains idle for some time with attached call stack.

  • Hi There,

    I am working on a QT application, which crashes if it remains idle for sometime with attached call stack.![alt text](image url0_1541499217491_idleCrash.png ). Also, it creates around 3260+ threads while we run it from Visual Studio. But if we run the application by double clicking its icon it generates around 100 threads (as displayed in task manager).
    Does Qt creates many threads while running from Visual Studio. Also, mostly all threads are waiting in event loop, as displayed in following screen shot0_1541499640020_idleThreads.png

    How can we prevent this crashing of application? As from call stack there is no hint that which part of code is causing crash? Please suggest.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Hetal Qt itself will for sure not create so many threads (if any). You should add some debug output to your code and see what happens (for example print something when you create a new thread).

  • @Hetal could you describe the components of your application? is it threaded? are you handling the event loop yourself?

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