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Drawing visual acuity E test

  • I'm using qt creator 3.3.0 and qt 5.4.0 and wanted to show visual acuity E test pages (uses by optometrists) with various size of Es. Sometimes I should show a single E in center of page, and sometimes it should be a single row with some Es, and also multiple row of Es.
    What is the best widget for this? And describe a bit about it, please.
    Thanks a lot

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    Are you using a special font for that ?

  • @SGaist
    The Es are not alphabet and should craeted by graphical methodes. And I should put some text there, too. Like "20/20" that means the distance of the test.
    Something like this:
    0_1541174278160_e test.png

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    I would just create the the Es symbols in inkscape and save as svg.
    QLabel can be used to both display the Text ( with different font size) and
    can also show SVG image. SVG is vector and can be shown in any size.

    Is each "row" always the same so each row can be premade or does app need to
    put a row together with random symbols?

    What are the rule for the 20/200 number.

    would next row (3) be 20/50 ?

    is this the full symbol set ? ( just E rotated 4 times )
    alt text

    Also how do you tell app is to show single big E, a row or multiple rows?
    Just like 3 buttons to show or would it be random ?

    Also the sizes seems important (of the Es )
    alt text
    So you would need some sort of reference size to display it at say 25%

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