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  • I need to make a program for our factory floor machinery running on Windows XP (old factory floor machinery uses XP SP3). I mostly use Qt 4.8.7/(w/MinGW 5.30.32) which I more familiar with than Qt5 but have Qt5.11. installed too. Both Kits now under QtCreator 4.7.1. I'm using Win 10, but I do have a spare XP license if needed.

    Will Win 10 do or do I have to move to XP? What else must taken into consideration to make this work? I also need to be able to make an installer for it and not just install Qt and copy the development stuff on the XP. So far haven't done deployment ever with Qt, must learn that too then.


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    IIRC, the Qt 5.9 5.6 is the last series you can use in order to build application for WinXP.

    As for installer creation, you have several choices you can use, QtIFW, InnoSetup, etc.

    You can use windeployqt to prepare the data you'll need to install on your other machines.

  • All right, thanks for those. I can see quite recent Qt/XP related questions in the net and that problems have arisen, so I better setup a XP test environment of my own just in case to avoid any hassle.


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    @SGaist just one small correction: 5.6 was the last version compatible to XP.

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    @aha_1980 Thanks for the correction !

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