Qt BLE writeDescriptor error

  • Hi!

    I upgraded from Qt 5.10.1 to 5.11.2, and my code is not working, on new environment.
    I connected to a BLE device, discovery services, and I would like to written the ClientCharacteristicConfiguration descriptor(0100, subscribe), and first try the device is going to ClosingState, and disconnecting. The second try, I have a DescriptorWriteError with Already notifying message.
    I downgraded the environment, and i have same errors.

    Thank you for reply.

  • Ok, I have a mistake, in descriptorwitten signal I checked it new value, and if it is 0000, I disconnect from device.
    But I checked the 1 index byte (the second), not the 0 index byte (first), and the second is always zero.
    This is my byte order mistake.

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