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MinGW 5.11.2 install with empty dll files

  • Hallo,

    I installed qt5.11.2 from
    on two different Win7 systems, both without virus scanner, and this several times.
    Choosen: MinGW53_32-binaries + MinGW/Strawberry-Installation

    In any case the following dll files in the folder <qt>\5.11.2\mingw53_32\bin are present, but empty (0 bytes):
    Qt5OpenGL.dll, Qt5Printsupport.dll, Qt5SQL.dll, Qt5Test.dll, Qt5Widgets.dll, Qt5Xml.dll (debug and release)
    The same in some plugin folders:
    I don't searched all...

    Has anyone the same experience or a solution?
    Is it a broken build Install file? (installation run through without any error!)
    Is it a known issue?
    Thanks for helping!