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QtCreator does not update binary

  • I'm using version 4.7.1 and sometimes it happens that I make some changes to the source code, and after a successfully build the behavior of the exe is like before the changes.

    It's very odd because:

    • the object files and exe file are actually written (new timestamp)
    • it happens in both shadow build and not
    • even a full rebuild doesn't fix
    • also restart QtCreator doesn't help

    The only way is to manually delete the output folder and rebuild again. It's very frustrating yet for the time do rebuild all, but when you're debugging something it's not so easy to understand your changes are not executed!

    It's a known bug or there might be something wrong on my system? I'm running Qt5.11.0 on Windows 7 (fresh install since 3 days).

  • @Mark81

    Did you check if all files (respectively those changed) are listed in the .pro file?

    At least in my case this seems to be teh issue, when I got similar behaviour. Especially included files are of an issue here.

  • Yes, they are included in the pro file. They are standard Qt classes.

  • @Mark81

    You are changing the source code of Qt modules?
    Are you sure that they are not being confused with the "standard" modules then?

    Probably you need to give an example how they are listed in .pro.

  • No, they are just my classes! It's hard to provide an example... it happens sometime even creating a new project, adding a C++ class e change something.
    Of course it does not happen always! For example today it never happened...

  • Moderators

    Is it possible you have files with the same name in different folders? I have had once a case where one main.o had (partially) overwritten another main.o generated from two different source files.

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