iOS build fails due to "missing" moc/rcc generated files

  • Hi,

    I'm building an app for Win/Mac/iOS using Qt 5.10.1 at the moment.
    Since a few days ago, I believe since Xcode update to version 10, a clean iOS build began to fail because it cannot find some of the generated files, i.e. rcc and moc outputs, though the files themselves are correctly (and I believe timely) created. After couple of passes, when all files have been generated, the build works correctly. The same behaviour is observed on two Macs, so it's not a problem of a particular machine. The host OS is High Sierra.

    Any ideas why this happens?

    Thanks in advance!


  • I haven't found a solution to this problem with Qt 5.10.1, but it had magically disappeared in Qt 5.12.1. So I close the topic.

  • Any solution on this ? I am facing same issues.

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    @sachinbangadkar_ifm Can you try with Qt 5.12.1. As @eliseev wrote it solved the problem.

  • Hi,

    I have experienced the same issue after I upgraded the XCode 9.4.1 to version XCode10.1.
    I am using Qt 5.9.4 and I can't use the 5.12.1, because of old version support.

    Any idea what is the root cause of this problem? How can be handled in Qt 5.9.4?

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