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Bluetooth Classic with Android and iOS (Cross platform)

  • Hello guys. Im very new in Qt and I have a problem. I have spent a lot of time of search and got nothing useful. I have a project that includes to create a cross platform application that communicates with a medical device via bluetooth classic. The bluetooth modul is BT121 (Silicon Labs). It should be a serial communication. So I also have a macro protocol with many commands(like change frequency) etc. How can I use the protocol in my Application? Can somebody give me a right direction? Or does have maybe someone a samplecode or project? I dont mean the btchatexample from the qt website. My target is to search bluetooth devices nearby, connect to one of them and communicate with and use commands from my macro protocol.

    When I have to program the iOS side in Xcode with EAP because Qt do not support classic BT on iOS, how can I mix my "BluetoothManager" with Qt project, where I implement the whole other suff like UI and android BT Manager?

    Every answer would be helpful. Thx.

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