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Qt-Gstreamer build, mingw32

  • Re: Building Qt-GStreamer

    I am trying to set up qt-qstreamer under windows 10 using QT5.9 an mingw32.

    Tried for days to build this and cmake just keeps bitching. All the required files are installed as far as i can see.

    Main complaint is in the Glib cmakeLists.txt at:
    add_library(${QTGLIB_LIBRARY} ${SHARED_OR_STATIC} ${QtGLib_SRCS})

    I suspect it has something to do with the QTGLIB_LIBRARY variable..but don't have a clue how to set this or why it can't find this.

    So the question is am I wasting my time here? is this package just dead now and not maintained?
    Does anyone ever test this stuff?

    Thanks to anyone who has an answer.

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    From the QtGStreamer wiki:

    The QtGStreamer C++ bindings are very out of date and unmaintained.

    For integration with the Qt toolkit there is the qmlglsink element in gst-plugins-bad (soon to be moved to gst->plugins-base or -good) which is a video sink that renders to a QQuickItem in a QML application.

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