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How to set Android kits in Qtcreator?

  • I wanna develop android app in qt , when I set the android kit , The Qtcreator show me " No compiler produce code for this Qt version android" ,I have set the JDK path ,and NDK ,and Android sdk. I use android studio download the NDK and JDK ,1_1539053903106_微信图片_20181009105503.png 0_1539053903106_微信图片_20181009105404.png

  • @Shae

    Did you follow this guide?

    You should stick to exact same Android SDK and NDK versions. That is basically mandatory. Typically developers startout with the newest versions of tools, but that is costing you the compatibility in this case.

  • @koahnig thanks for your reply. oh,sorry I am not read that ,when I choose the older NDK version, QtCreator creat the android kit successfully.

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