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Hide Windows Mobile 6.5 Taskbar at the bottom

  • Hi,

    we switched an application from a Windows Mobile 6 device to a Windows Mobile 6.5 device.

    Before we switched the application was fullscreen and the taskbar (in WM6 at the top) was hidden,

    but when we installed our application on the WM 6.5 device there was a "new" taskbar at the bottom that isn´t hidden.

    I´ve now the problem to hide these taskbar in WM 6.5 or make our application FullScreen (yes , setWindowState(Qt::WindowFullScreen); ist used...)

    Can anybody please help?

  • it seems that setWindowFlags(Qt::CustomizeWindowHint); hides the taskbar effectivly...

  • which only functions if you have your own QMenuBar in your Dialog (or MainWindow), otherwise the system task bar is visible

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