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Xwayland touch for X11 application

  • Hi,

    My system is below description.

    Linux kernel : 4.1.15

    Qt : 5.8.0

    Filesystem : Xwayland

    I have some problem that is touch operation.

    I was make Qt application that execute wayland type (parameter : -platform wayland), touch operation is well.
    But, that application execute X11 type (export DISPLAY=:0) touch operation wrong.
    Unless you create the application with the Fullsize option in the first place, the touch operation will not work normally.
    To maximize the application without giving the FullSize option, touch the position before pressing to maximize the application.
    What options do I have to give normal operation in a state other than Fullsize?
    I tried to use xinput but there is no xinput on the filesystem.

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