[Solved] System tray in mobile phones?

  • I have an application which works great under windows and linux. I would like to have it working on Android as well. However, my application relies on the system tray too much.

    Is there any alternative for the system tray for Android, or how can I quickly switch to notifications?
    The app has system tray icon left and right click (menu) actions associated with it, also it shows balloon messages on certain events. Any hints how I could make these work on Android?

  • anyone? =/

  • Yes, Android has a status bar and in general you can add notifications. This is the "official way to do it using the native Java application development kit":http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/notifiers/notifications.html

    As you probably know at the moment Necessitas (Qt for Android) is not officially supported by Nokia and Google. So the available documentation is not much and a good starting point for such kind of issues like yours is "the home page of the project at sourceforge":http://sourceforge.net/p/necessitas/home/necessitas/

  • Not likely I'd use Java kit
    Was hoping there is a way....
    Oh well....

  • I am using PS tray factory alternatives for Android. It allows users to take a full control over icons in the system tray area. You can hide icons from system tray into menu, change the order of icons in the system tray.

    Edit: removed commercial link, which smelled too much like spam; Andre

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