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QLowEnergyService never completes discovery

  • I'm updating some old code that I wrote in QtQuick 5.8.0 for both android and iOS. I've recently updated to QtQuick5.11.1 and one of my QLowEnergyService objects never reaches the discovered state after I run DiscoverDetails() on iOS (works fine on Android). It also works fin for my other QLowEnergyService.

    I get a signal when it goes to the 'Discovering Services' state, but never get another signal for the discovered state. When I subsequently try to write a characteristic, it throws an operation error (as you might expect if it hasn't reached the discovered state).

    Has anyone encountered an issue like this?

  • I found a work around for this problem by reverting to Qt 5.10.2.

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    Have you tried with 5.11.2? I'm thinking about upgrading from 5.10.1, but if this issue is still in 5.11.2 then there is no point.

  • Yes, it was still there. I will say that one of my services worked fine, it was just one service that wasn't working for some reason and this one only had an issue on iOS.

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    Thanks for info

  • This post is deleted!

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