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Failed to find "gl.h" after update to MacOS Mojave

  • Well, it seems expected, but anyway, after update to the latest mac os Mojave I'm facing a problem finding needed headers:

    CMake Error at /Developer/Qt/5.11.2/clang_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Gui/Qt5GuiConfigExtras.cmake:9 (message):
      Failed to find "gl.h" in

    Any ideas, workarounds? How to deal with this for now?

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    If you have a .qmake.stash file somewhere in the build folder, delete it and re-build your project.

  • @SGaist it helped! Thank you! I thought they removed opengl completely, but seems everything still do work.

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    IIRC, they deprecated it. But they can't remove the API in the same release that they deprecated it. They have to give people some time to port away to their new API.

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