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ASSERT error?!

  • Hi,
    My running code (without problem!) just started to give below error. What is the reason?

    ASSERT: "uint(i) < uint(size())" in file c:\users\qt\work\qt\qtbase\src\corelib\tools\qstring.h, line 920
    How can I solve or investigate it?...
    Qt 5.11.2
    Qt Creator 4.7.1


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    seems like you try to acsess chars, in a QString, that don't exist. Most likly via const QChar QString::at(int position) const
    or something similar.

    Hard to tell without stacktrace and/or code.

  • Hi,
    Yes. You were right.

            ui->tVDetay->horizontalHeader()->setSectionResizeMode(3, QHeaderView::Stretch);
            ui->tVDetay->horizontalHeader()->setSectionResizeMode(4, QHeaderView::Stretch);

    I was trying to use above code without row count check. Now it's ok. Thanks.


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    Hi @Mucip,

    I'm glad you solved the problem.

    So please close this topic as SOLVED. Thanks!

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