Problem with QtCreator + Maemo target

  • Hello friends,

    some time ago i used the nokia qt sdk for building applications for the n900 with no problem.

    I've started to use this new version of qt sdk and i got an annoying error that i don't know how to fix.

    The question is that when creating a new project, and selecting maemo as target, i cannot make any qt base includes such as: #include <QObject> or #include <QWidget> and so on... (it gives a: "No such file or directory" message). And the consequence of this is that there is no auto completion when writing code. Anyway, if the code is alright the app complies ok and opens correctly in the device.

    In the other hand, selecting Desktop as target makes no problem, and everything goes ok.

    I've tried to find something about this in the web with no success. So if anyone could help me i would be very please.

    Thank you.

  • Hi, I have experienced that some kind of projects created with previous versions of Qt have problems when managed with the last one Qt 4.7.4

    Spendin some time a good idea maybe to open a new project from scratch and copy in it the old code. This is surely the right way to isolate the source problems (i.e. wrong includes and so on) with unwanted behaviors due to the version forwarding.

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