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Merging Elements in Grid possible?

  • Hello,

    I am setting up a List of Values, each with an Icon and some Text showing. For Layouting I use Grid in QML with three columns and it looks really nice so far.

    But now I am at a point where I would need an Icon exactly three times as wide as a normal Icon so I was searching for a way to merge the three cells in that row to a single one. I tried to increase the Size of the single Item but this rearranges the other Icons as well.

    Since the Documentation on Grid QML ( don't mention anything I wonder if there is a way to force the single Item to use a whole row alone.

    Thanks in Advance

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    @Throndar I am afraid it is not possible with Grid. You might want to look at GridLayout as this allows for spanning, so maybe you can use that instead. See

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    An other option, additional to what @AndyS wrote, would be using GridView.

    By what you wrote, all Items, that are to be displayed, follow the same pattern, Icon & Text. Therefore a GridView with a delegate could be a valid option.
    You can set the width and hight of each item individial. So setting the witdh * 3 times tmore han normal could be easily bound to some property.

  • @AndyS & @J.Hilk

    thank you very much.

    GridLayout seems to be a lot more usable for my existing Design than Grid.

    The GridView itself looks quite promising and I hoped I would have remembered this before building every single Container (each with two Text-Items, one Image, one MouseArea) from hand... but rather late than never ;) I think this definitely calls for a refactoring.

    Once again, thank you. This helped a lot.

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