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Touch Problem with QT Scrollbar in QT5.9

  • I have posted a query sometime back for QT5.9 rendering issue for qtwidgets. The link to the query is here:

    While I have still not found any solution for above, I have been facing another issue.

    We have a gui based on QT Widget and in gui @ 2-3 places we have used scrollbar to do some setting like time, date and some other parameters. The touch works absolutely fine with GUI except for this scrollbar. Whenever we try to scroll, it does not work. ts_calibrate works fine.

    what could be the reason for only scrolling not working but all other touch events works fine.

    Is it something related to absence of QWS in Qt5.9? Is it that in Qt4.8 touch events were also handled through qws?

    Again the same GUI scrollbar works absolutely fine with QT4.8 but only with QT5.9 along with rendering problem (refer to the link above), we are also facing this weird problem only for the touch events for scrollbar not working. What could be the problem?

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    for scrolling using touch events you should use QScroller

  • @raven-worx
    The problem does not seem to be with gui application as the same gui works flawless with i.MX6 platform with LinuxFB but somehow does not work for board with i.MX35 with LinuxFB. Again with QT4.8 (uses qws) everything works flawless on i.MX35 as well.

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