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  • Previous Qt source packages for Windows contained a configure.exe file (located in the qtbase directory), which we ran in order to build Qt. Now it appears that does not have this file anymore. Is the file missing, or was it intentionally left out of the source package?

    Is it OK to use a configure.exe file from a previous version of Qt, for instance from Qt 5.7.1, to configure Qt 5.11.1?

  • I just downloaded , there is configure.bat in qtbase directory

  • Thanks, @LeLev I replaced my configure.exe call by a configure.bat call, and it appear to work :-) It even seems to support the same command line options. Except for -qt-sql-odbc, which was accepted by Qt 5.7.1 configure.exe, but rejected by Qt 5.11.1, saying

    ERROR: Invalid value given for boolean command line option 'sql-odbc'.

    I guess -qt-sql-odbc is just obsolete now.

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    AFAIK, no, it's not. However the configuration system got a revamp between 5.7 and 5.11. You should check the SQL related option using the --help option of configure.

  • @SGaist Thanks! Indeed, it appears helpful to compare the output from Qt 5.7.1 configure.bat -help and Qt 5.11.1 configure.bat --help!

    Qt 5.7.1 said:

     -no-sql-<driver> ... Disable SQL <driver> entirely, by default none are 
                         turned on.
    -qt-sql-<driver> ... Enable a SQL <driver> in the Qt Library.
    -plugin-sql-<driver> Enable SQL <driver> as a plugin to be linked to at run
                         Available values for <driver>:
                         (drivers marked with a '+' have been detected as available on this system)
    -system-sqlite ..... Use sqlite from the operating system.

    Whereas Qt 5.11.1 says:

    Database options:
      -sql-<driver> ........ Enable SQL <driver> plugin. Supported drivers:
                             db2 ibase mysql oci odbc psql sqlite2 sqlite tds
                             [all auto]
      -sqlite .............. Select used sqlite3 [system/qt]

    I guess that means that I don't need to explicitly switch on sql-odbc anymore, as it already appears enabled by default, with Qt 5.11.1. :-)

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