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QT_OPENGL does not appear to function on macOS/OSX

  • If I export QSG_INFO=1 and QT_OPENGL=software I see that it always uses the nVidia driver (and hardware.) I am trying to reproduce a problem on macOS VMs where the only driver is the Apple software OpenGL driver.

    It appears that on macOS/OSX Qt doesn't support QT_OPENGL as an environment variable like it does on Linux/Windows - but I hope I'm just doing it wrong ;).


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    I don’t think you are. AFAIK, there’s only one backend for macOS and that’s desktop OpenGL.

    It’s likely one level below that Apple does its magic.

  • @SGaist Yeah, looked through the source and that was the conclusion I came to - thanks :)

    It's not a serious problem, just an annoyance.



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