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Error:No such file or directory, when I run QT app using Qt creator

  • Dear Developers,

    Sometime when I try to run (using QT creator) QT application on my target(Beagle bone black) after deleting its old executable file from target, I get following error:

    bash: /home/root/QTtestApplication: No such file or directory

    Where: /home/root: is my target directory and
    QTtestApplication: is name of my QT application

    Can you please tell me possible reason for it and how can I fix it

    Please note: As a workaround to overcome this problem I manually copy executable file of QT application on my target using ssh and then run it using QT creator.

    Thank :)

  • Are you deploying the application from host to target using QT creator?
    If so, you can run a test in the kit configuration to check if your target is detected properly.

    Note: I also manually copy the executable to the target.

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