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camera types supported by qcamera

  • hey,
    I am wondering if qcamera is the right class to get access to different usb cameras from an app?
    But what types of cameras are supported by the qcamera class ?
    What does the camera has to offer to be recognized as a qcamera ?
    I am on a Windows System.
    So is this limited to integrated Notebook cameras ?
    Or are all cameras accepted that are linked by USB using the generic USB Driver (UVC: universal Video class driver) ?
    Or do the cameras have to support DirectShow or WIA or whatelse, so they popup as Image capture devices in the device manager?
    And if qcamera is based on DirectShow on Windows, what DirectShow pins/interfaces (capture, preview, still image) are needed to be listed in the qt app as a qcamera ?
    thanks for any info

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you have any special camera in mind that you want to use ?

    IIRC, the Qt Multimedia backend used for the camera on Windows uses DirectShow so camera supported by DirectShow should already be supported by Qt.

  • Hi,
    no, the other way round.
    I am wondering what types of camera I can use ?
    What exactly is Qt looking for to detect a qcamera ?
    I don't want to try and error each camera type I'd like to use in the future.
    I'd like to know what type of device the camera has to be to be usable in Qt as qcamera.
    So to know what device type or driver type Qt is asking to find attached cameras.

    So Qt is based on DirectShow. Thanks for that info.
    In DirectShow you find three types of Interface "Pins" the devices can offer: capture, preview, still Image.
    Can Qt link to all of these Interface types ? Or does Qt link only to just one of these ?
    What Interface pin is a must for my camera to be usable as qcamera ?
    If it supports only the preview pin, is that enough ?
    Does it have to support the still Image pin ?
    So does qcamera support Video cameras and also still Image cameras ?

    Sorry for that bunch of questions.
    But I am wondering if qcamera is the right class for my app or do I have to use directshow directly ?


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    What will your application do with the cameras ?

    You will likely find all the answers you are looking for reading the corresponding plugin sources.

  • Hi,
    thanks for that link.
    I will check directly the sources.

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