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RaspberryPi2EGLFS query and (possible) confusion.

  • Greetings. I am attempting to install Qt5 on Raspberri Pi3 with Raspbian Stretch. I stumbled across this page which just about fits my requirement. But I have a doubt regarding this guide. I see the author has mentioned we need to get some packages installed on both the host computer and the board, but nowhere it is mentioned that we need to have both the machines connected. Aren't they supposed to be connected at any point? Or do we need to just add packages to them separately for the first time and then as mentioned in the guide, compile our project in the host and run it in the Pi board?

    Please help me in this regard, as I am a novice in both Qt and Raspberry Pi.
    Thanks in advance! :-)

  • @Nikhilesh-N you need to have both machines (host & RPi) connected at:

    1. step 8 (transferring files from RPi to host)
    2. steps 11 & 12 (transferring files from host to RPi)

  • @Pablo-J.-Rogina Got it. So, does having only an ethernet cable connect the host and the Pi board suffice (for these steps)? Also, once I connect my host and RPi, are there any other steps that I need to carry out, or should I simply proceed executing step 8 and so-on as it is?

    (Edit) Also, on Step 8, there is an instruction mentioned below.

    Replace raspberrypi.local with the address of the Pi.

    Does this mean I have to type in the IP address of the RPi (if the mode of connection is ethernet)?

  • @Nikhilesh-N

    does having only an ethernet cable connect the host and the Pi board suffice

    Yes, but it also depends... :-) how you are connecting the RPi and host PC to the same network segment.

    I for instance have a RPi and host PC both connected via wireless.
    And if you use a RPi Zero you may also use a USB cable to make a local network connection (Ethernet over USB) between your host PC and RPi

  • @Pablo-J-Rogina I've figured out the connection by using a router as a hub for the RPi 3 and my host laptop. Everything is falling in place now. Thanks! :-)

    I'll mark this topic as solved.

    (Edit) I forgot to add your mention to this reply. Also, sorry for such a late edit.

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