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Download Qt for linux/X11 from source or from installer?

  • If I need to specify a few installation options such as:

    += -svg
    += -no-qt3support
    += -opengl...

    Can this only be done if I download Qt from source? If I do need to download it from source do I simply specify these options during the ./configure step? For instance:

    sudo ./configure -svg -no-qt3support -opengl -nomake examples -nomake demos -nomake translations

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    These are configure options indeed. -no-qt3support is a Qt 4 only option.

    On a side note, don't use sudo when configuring or building a library, framework or application. That can be pretty dangerous.

  • @SGaist Okay, so can I specify these configure options (minus the -no-qt3support) even if I don't download Qt from source? Or do I have to download it from source to specify those configure options?

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    The configure script is part of the sources. It's to prepare a Qt build.

    One more thing: do out of sources builds, that way it's easier to do multiple builds bud also allows you to just nuke the build folder if something goes wrong and start over quickly.

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