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Qbs build project with disabled products

  • Hello,

    I have a project with many subprojects. Some products are libraries on which other products depends on. If I want to build the project via command line with some products disabled (via products.mylib.condition:false) qbs build just emits an error.

    In my special case I created a library for integrating googlemock easier into the project and QTest (with automatic googletest initialization and outputting errors via QTest). When I want to create release builds (with a CI system and docker) I dont need to build the whole test code.
    So, like in QtCreator, disabling my googlemock library should build everything else. But qbs build just emits errors that the it cannot build because the dependencies cannot be build.
    Enabling googlemock is no option because then I need to have the googletest repository in my docker image. And the --products parameter is not a valid option because it resolves the build graph first for all products (wich fails because of the dependency "problem").

    Do I miss here something?

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