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How to use “weston-keyboard” virtual/on-screen keyboard with a Qt application

  • I have a embedded linux display (Yocto build) that uses the Wayland Weston display compositor, for which I am developing Qt application software, targeting Qt 5.9.4.

    My application is running successfully and text input UI fields are working fine with a USB keyboard, however despite a day of Googling and experimentation I can't see any sign of the virtual/on-screen keyboard that is supposedly provided by the Weston compositor. There is a "weston-keyboard" process running on the display, but there is no sign of a popup on-screen keyboard appearing anywhere.

    Does anyone know if there is anything in particular that needs to be done from the application software end to show/activate the virtual keyboard (from my assorted readings I get the impression it should "just work"), or should I be suspecting a flaw in the operating system build?

  • I am running a Qt application, where a virtual keyboard is needed, on Weston also. Did you solve your problem?

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