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Queued connection from QML?

  • Hi,

    I would like to communicate with QThreads from QML.
    Normally I would use a QueuedConnection for that which seems not to be available in QML.

    Is there a way to invoke c++ class methods in a queued way?

    I know that I can put a c++ class in the middle.
    So put all methods which should be invoked from qml as slots to that class and emit queued signals from there to the real thread.

    Thanks :-)

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    hi @robro

    unfortunatly, there's no way to force a queued connection, the way you want it. At leas not that I know of.

    I think the call of cpp classes from QML and vice versa are already queued be default, but I might be wrong here.

    However there's a simple workaround, define a signal in your c++ class, make it accesable by qml via Q_INVOKABLE and make a normal QObject::connection inside your class constructor.
    Than simply invoke that signal from the QML side.

  • Thanks for this really nice workaround!
    It is working fine :-)

  • Sorry... I have to reopen this thread.

    With the described workaround I can make a connection from QML to C++, but how can I make it work the other way round?

    Usually I would do something like:

    Connections {
            target: classInAnotherThread;
            onSignalABC: {
                //console.log("Got signal")

    Here I now get the error that the QML engine is in another thread.

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    hi @robro

    I would say, you solve this with the same workaround.

    you can QObject::connect, 2 signals to gether. Use that and forward the signal to the parent, not threaded class to than pass it to qml.

  • This works fine!
    Thank you very much :-)

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