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debugger start issues (Creator)

  • Hi -

    Recently my app began balking at debug startup. Not every time, but maybe about half the time. I get a blank UI and the revolving blue circle (I'm on Windows 10). I have to stop it with Task Manager and try again.

    Does anyone else encounter this? Is there possibly some rookie mistake I'm making here, like forgetting some startup command or anything?

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    @mzimmers Could be your anti-virus blocking "suspicious" activities :-)
    If you use one try to disable it temporarily.

  • Interesting idea. The problem seems to come and go in bursts, though, as though dependent upon some magic mystery variable that I've left uninitialized.

    It also just started a week or two ago, and I've had ESET for almost a year now.

  • @mzimmers

    Although I would agree with @jsulm to check for an AV encounter, it is not exactly what I would expect.

    I am windows 10 with bitdefender as AV checker. The behaviour would be different than what you describe. With bitdefender the app may start once and is suddenly vanishing. Also the executable is not found anymore, since it is shifted somewhere then.

    However, ESET might have a different strategy.

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    @mzimmers Please attach the debugger log (Windows > Views > Debugger log) for a failing case here. That may give some more insight.

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    Hi @mzimmers,

    there is not much I can see from the log, only a few lines:

    ~"error return ../../../../src/gdb-7.10.1/gdb/windows-nat.c:1283 was 5\n"

    which I cannot really interpret.

    Are you using the MinGW compiler? is GDB 7.10.1 the correct one?

    I've just one more hint for you: Avoid project directories with spaces and other non-ASCII characters within, they always leads to problems - sooner or later. I don't think that's the cause for your current problem, but you could try anyway.

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