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Zoom In/Out QTableView with a frozen first column

  • I am trying to create a timeline like layout for my project. My timeline layout resembles something like we use for Audio and Video editing tools. Right now i am using QGraphicsView and have implemented something like this:

    void TimeLine::wheelEvent(QWheelEvent* event)
        // Scale the view / do the zoom
        double scaleFactor = 1.15;
        if (event->delta() > 0)
            // Zoom in
            scale(scaleFactor, scaleFactor);
            // Zooming out
            scale(1.0 / scaleFactor, 1.0 / scaleFactor);

    But this code zooms in/out the whole of QTableView along with the scrollbars.

    Keeping in mind i have implemented my QTableView with a frozenColumn as documented here

    Just for reference my TimeLine with a horizontal slider looks something like this:

    My requirement is bit specific:

    • How do i implement zoom in/out function only on the table view (NOT frozenColumn) i.e. wheelEvent should trigger scaling of column widths, horizontal header and horizontal scroll bar as well.

    I would appreciate some new ideas.

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    You seem to mix QTableView and QGraphicsView. Why the QGraphicsView ?

  • Hi,

    I am using a QGraphicsRectItem on top of QTableView which acts like a SeekBar (horizontal slider). So i have put QTableView and QGraphicsRectItem in one QGraphicsScene. I posted a question on SOV regarding this . Should give you an idea what i am trying to achieve. I am not sure if this is a good approach but if you can share some ideas would be nice.

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    Why not implement a custom view that would handle that ?

  • Do you mean custom graphicsView or tableView? If custom graphics view wouldn't it be too hard to reimplement everything? Any links or example would help.