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QTreeView remove rows - whats wrong

  • Hey

    I'm trying to delete all selected rows - children and so on in qtreeView and I'm getting weird error I don't get sigh...

    Code :

        QModelIndexList indexList = selectedIndexes();
        QVector<QStandardItem *> itemList;
        QStandardItemModel *modelPtr = dynamic_cast<QStandardItemModel *>(model());
        for (QModelIndex &index:indexList) {
        for (QStandardItem *itm:itemList) {
            if (itm) {
                QModelIndex inx = QModelIndex();
                if (itm->parent()) { //// here is error :- ( itm is d was 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. but above if (itm) appear to be valid so whats wrong?
                    inx = itm->parent()->index();
                modelPtr->removeRow(itm->row(), inx);

    What am I doing here wrong? I'm lost :- (

  • Hey

    Got some progress on this, one of errors was due to multiple columns during the function execution. I filtered my QModelIndex loop to check if (index.column()==0) to only take 1 item per row.

    That fixed some of issues, but other still remain. weird. Removing child items remain problematic.

  • I'm really lost with this. I know that QModelIndex tend to get invalidated when ever I remove row or do stuff in qtreeview/model. But I don't get why this keeps breaking. Tried another loop. Same issue as before still crashing.

    I want to loop over items I previously storred in array or other place. So thats why I stay away from selectionModel() and this answer here >

        QModelIndexList indexList = selectedIndexes();
        qSort(indexList.begin(), indexList.end(), qGreater<QModelIndex>());
        QVector<QStandardItem *> itemList;
        QStandardItemModel *modelPtr = dynamic_cast<QStandardItemModel *>(model());
        for (QModelIndex &index:indexList) {
            if (index.column() == 0) {
            modelPtr->removeRow(itemList[0]->row(), itemList[0]->index().parent());

    Any help would be great.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What custom data do you have ?
    How are you handling it ?
    Did you try to run your application through the debugger to see where exactly it crashes ?

  • Hey

    I dont have any custom data at all.

    I just try to store my selection and then delete the items later. Or something like that. It turned out to be quite a pain to solve as well !

    The only think I could think off to fix it is this function : - which feels like a dirty hack!

    ////itemList - is a QVector<QStandardItem*> I saved early.
        for (auto *item:itemList) {
            selectionModel()->select(QItemSelection(item->index(), item->index()),
                                     QItemSelectionModel::Select | QItemSelectionModel::Rows);
        while (!selectionModel()->selectedIndexes().isEmpty()) {
            auto idx = selectionModel()->selectedIndexes().first();
            model()->removeRow(idx.row(), idx.parent());

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    Can you explain exactly what procedure you want to follow in order to delete these rows ?

    AFAIK, the link you posted earlier shows the correct way to do it.

  • Should be something like this:

    bool removedByParent(const QHash<QModelIndex,QSet<int> >& mapper, const QModelIndex& childCheck){
    if(!childCheck.isValid()) return false;
    if(mapper.value(childCheck.parent()).constains(childCheck.row())) return true;
    return removedByParent(childCheck.parent());
    const QModelIndexList selectedIndexList = selectedIndexes();
    QHash<QModelIndex /*parent*/, QSet<int> /*rows*/> > indexMapper;
    for(auto& idx : selectedIndexList)
    for(auto i=indexMapper.cbegin();i!=indexMapper.cend();++i){
    if(removedByParent(i.key())) continue;
    auto sortedRows = i.value().toList();
    for(int singleRow : qAsConst(sortedRows))

  • @SGaist For the moment I use the hacky example I posted early.
    "Can you explain exactly what procedure you want to follow in order to delete these rows ?"
    I just shift/ctrl click on random items in my treeView and then hit delete button.

    @VRonin oh dear humh. I see that but won't the QModelINdex list indexes get invalidated after I remove 1 row?

    I also try to deal with items directly because of that. Tricky will need to test ur example looks curious! Thanks for chipping in!


  • @Dariusz said in QTreeView remove rows - whats wrong:

    I see that but won't the QModelIndex list indexes get invalidated after I remove 1 row?

    It's really implementation specific, since you are using QStandardItemModel you are fine, the indexes will still be valid.
    In general, however, you are right and QPersistentModelIndex should be used instead.

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