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Timer QML Component event blocks UI?

  • Hi there!

    I have Timer component with event onTriggered event connected to a C++ process. The C++ has event loop in it. Somehow, it blocks the UI thread (validated from the busy indicator stops running; please take a look at the code from: whenever the timer is triggered. (The process doesn't block the UI when it is connected to a onClicked event of a Button element). I'm on N950 Harmattan device.

    The complete code can be downloaded from here:

    Is there a way to not block the UI when I call the C++ process?

    To prove that the onClicked doesn't block the UI (whenever it runs the C++ process) you can change the onClicked event from:

    @onClicked: loopTimer.start();@


    @onClicked: dummyLoop.process();@

    The C++ process is as follows:

    @void DummyProcessWithLocalEventLoop::process()
    qDebug() << "run local event loop";

    QEventLoop loop;
    QTimer timer;
    connect(&timer, SIGNAL(timeout()), &loop, SLOT(quit()));
    qDebug() << "local event loop done";


    The page asking the process

    @import QtQuick 1.1
    import 1.0
    import dummy 1.0

    Page {
    tools: commonTools

    id: container
        id: dummyLoop
        id: busy
        anchors.centerIn: parent
        running: true
        id: loopTimer
        interval: 1000
        running: false
        onTriggered: {
        anchors {
            horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
            top: busy.bottom
            topMargin: 10
        text: qsTr("run dummy loop")
        onClicked: loopTimer.start();


  • That the main event loop (for the UI) is blocked is absolutly clear. Your timer runns 5 seconds and you spin a sub event loop inside DummyProcessWithLocalEventLoop::process(). This event loop will not ├╝process events from the main event loop.

  • Thanks for your quick reply :-)

    What I couldn't understand is: the behavior between onClicked event and onTriggered is different. What is the explanation?

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