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MIPS64 + Debian + Qt 5.9.1

  • Hello!
    Ivegot Software wich I must launch on MIPS64+Debian
    But this Software was built by Qt5.9.1 and gcc 5.4.0
    I cant find the appropriate Qt, please help!
    Thanks in advance

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    You can use the Debian provided Qt packages otherwise you’ll have to either build Qt natively on your MIPS device or cross-compile it.

  • Thank you for your support!
    I tried to do that but there is no compiler installed in creator, cannt build , creator says what desktop cant built...
    Please help, Fisrts ive installed qt5 defsult and afer that qtcreator from Debian for mips, 64bit

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    i don't know if everything is clear already. So let's make some things sure first.

    You can (cross-)compile for MIPS from Debian. But you cannot launch MIPS compiled binaries on (Desktop-)Debian.
    There is no prebuilt Qt version for MIPS available for download. So you will need to cross compile a Qt version from source first.
    This is done by using the cross compile toolchain for MIPS.
    Then you can think of building applications for MIPS in QtCreator.

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    @another_one So, you want to work directly on your MIPS machine?
    If so, did you install C++ compiler (install build-essential package)?

  • Yes want , not unstall yet, may its because if that, can provide full comand please

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    apt-get install build-essential

  • Ive done it, but creator still without gcc compiler under 64 bit MIPS Debian 64...
    Ive found gcc 4.8 on Debian but thats only for 32 bit
    Can somebody say how to compile gcc ownself inder 64 bit MIPS Debian 64 in details?, please
    What is necessary have and download from
    Thanks in advance

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Did you check that you can compile something from the command line ?

    Debian provides g++ for the MIPS64el architecture. See here.

  • Not yet, Ill try. Thanks!

  • I tried to check compilation in command line with your link
    but deb package wasnt installed
    The error says that arch of installed packet(mips64el) do not appropriate to arch of the system (mips)

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    If you installed Debian for the mips architecture, then install packages for that architecture.

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    You have a Debian installation, you should use apt-get to install the package you need.

  • Yes you right, I do it when the package is being
    In my case I didnt find qt for mips64 under Debian package with appropriate compiler

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    @another_one What do you see if you execute

    apt list | grep qt5

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    Do you realise that if you have installed Debian using the mips architecture it's for 32bit mips processors ? The debian-mips64el port is for 64bit mips processors.

    See here.

  • @SGaist thank you for this link, ive got 64 bit mips processor and mips64el package cannt be installed on my machine its fact
    Now Ive the following- installed creator, build essential ans so on, but when i open creator he isnt integrate any compiler. In usr/bin, i have g++, mips64 gcc, gcc-4.9, but qtreator dont see their, rather when i integrate these by myself...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    From what you wrote, you have installed Debian for the mips architecture. If you want 64bit support, you have to go with the mips64el from the start.

    How did you install Qt Creator ?

  • @jsulm

    root@jessie:~# apt list | grep qt5
    WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface yet. Use with caution in scripts.
    arora/oldstable 0.11.0+qt5+git2014-04-06-1 mips
    fcitx-frontend-qt5/oldstable 0.1.2-2+b1 mips
    fcitx-libs-qt5/oldstable 0.1.2-2+b1 mips
    fcitx-libs-qt5-dbg/oldstable 0.1.2-2+b1 mips
    fcitx-libs-qt5-dev/oldstable 0.1.2-2+b1 mips
    libgwengui-qt5-0/jessie-backports 4.15.3-5~bpo8+1 mips
    libgwengui-qt5-dev/jessie-backports 4.15.3-5~bpo8+1 mips
    libphonon4qt5-4/oldstable 4:4.8.0-4 mips
    libphonon4qt5-dev/oldstable 4:4.8.0-4 mips
    libphonon4qt5experimental-dev/oldstable 4:4.8.0-4 mips
    libphonon4qt5experimental4/oldstable 4:4.8.0-4 mips
    libpoppler-qt5-1/oldstable,oldstable 0.26.5-2+deb8u4 mips
    libpoppler-qt5-dev/oldstable,oldstable 0.26.5-2+deb8u4 mips
    libqt5bluetooth5/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5clucene5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-3 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5concurrent5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5core5a/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5dbus5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5declarative5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-3 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5designer5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-3 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5designercomponents5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-3 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5gui5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5help5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-3 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5keychain0/oldstable 0.4.0-1 mips
    libqt5multimedia5/oldstable 5.3.2-5 mips
    libqt5multimedia5-plugins/oldstable 5.3.2-5 mips
    libqt5multimediaquick-p5/oldstable 5.3.2-5 mips
    libqt5multimediawidgets5/oldstable 5.3.2-5 mips
    libqt5network5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5nfc5/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5opengl5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5opengl5-dev/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5positioning5/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5positioning5-plugins/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5printsupport5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5qml5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-4 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5quick5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-4 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5quickparticles5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-4 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5quicktest5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-4 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5quickwidgets5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-4 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5scintilla2-11/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 mips
    libqt5scintilla2-11-dbg/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 mips
    libqt5scintilla2-designer/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 mips
    libqt5scintilla2-designer-dbg/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 mips
    libqt5scintilla2-dev/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 mips
    libqt5scintilla2-l10n/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 all
    libqt5script5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5scripttools5/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-2 mips
    libqt5sensors5/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-2 mips
    libqt5sensors5-dev/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-2 mips
    libqt5serialport5/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5serialport5-dev/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5sql5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5sql5-mysql/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips
    libqt5sql5-odbc/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips
    libqt5sql5-psql/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips
    libqt5sql5-sqlite/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5sql5-tds/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips
    libqt5svg5/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5svg5-dev/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5svg5-private-dev/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5test5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5webkit5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5webkit5-dev/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-4 mips
    libqt5websockets5/oldstable 5.3.2-5 mips
    libqt5websockets5-dev/oldstable 5.3.2-5 mips
    libqt5widgets5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5x11extras5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5x11extras5-dev/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5xml5/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    libqt5xmlpatterns5/oldstable,now 5.3.2-2 mips [residual-config]
    libqt5xmlpatterns5-dev/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libqt5xmlpatterns5-private-dev/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    libquazip-qt5-1/oldstable 0.7-2 mips
    libquazip-qt5-dbg/oldstable 0.7-2 mips
    libquazip-qt5-dev/oldstable 0.7-2 mips
    phonon4qt5/oldstable 4:4.8.0-4 mips
    phonon4qt5-backend-gstreamer/oldstable 4:4.8.0-3 mips
    phonon4qt5-backend-gstreamer-dbg/oldstable 4:4.8.0-3 mips
    phonon4qt5-backend-null/oldstable 4:4.8.0-4 mips
    phonon4qt5-backend-vlc/oldstable 0.8.0-2 mips
    phonon4qt5-backend-vlc-dbg/oldstable 0.8.0-2 mips
    phonon4qt5-dbg/oldstable 4:4.8.0-4 mips
    pyqt5-dev/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 all
    pyqt5-dev-tools/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    pyqt5-doc/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 all
    pyqt5-examples/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 all
    pyqt5.qsci-dev/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 all
    python-dbus.mainloop.pyqt5/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-dbus.mainloop.pyqt5-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.enginio/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.enginio-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtmultimedia/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtmultimedia-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtopengl/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtopengl-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtpositioning/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtpositioning-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtquick/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtquick-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtsensors/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtsensors-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtserialport/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtserialport-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtsql/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtsql-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtsvg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtsvg-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtwebkit/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtwebkit-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtwebsockets/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtwebsockets-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtx11extras/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtx11extras-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtxmlpatterns/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python-pyqt5.qtxmlpatterns-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-dbus.mainloop.pyqt5/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-dbus.mainloop.pyqt5-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.enginio/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.enginio-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qsci/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qsci-dbg/oldstable 2.8.4+dfsg-1 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtmultimedia/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtmultimedia-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtopengl/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtopengl-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtpositioning/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtpositioning-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtquick/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtquick-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtsensors/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtsensors-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtserialport/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtserialport-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtsql/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtsql-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtsvg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtsvg-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtwebsockets/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtwebsockets-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtx11extras/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtx11extras-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtxmlpatterns/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    python3-pyqt5.qtxmlpatterns-dbg/oldstable 5.3.2+dfsg-3 mips
    qdbus-qt5/oldstable 5.3.2-3 mips
    qt5-default/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed]
    qt5-doc/oldstable 5.3.2-3 all
    qt5-doc-html/oldstable 5.3.2-3 all
    qt5-image-formats-plugins/oldstable 5.3.2-2 mips
    qt5-qmake/oldstable,now 5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u2 mips [installed,automatic]
    qt5keychain-dev/oldstable 0.4.0-1 mips

  • by apt-get install qtcreator

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    Out of curiosity, why are you using the jessie rather than stretch ?

  • unfortunally Ive already got this OS from producer of HW and its unpossible to change it by ownself cause its very specialized

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    In what way is specialized ?

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