How do I add a statusbar widget to a dialog in the ui designer?

  • I have a well established dialog ui and I want to add a status bar to the bottom. But apparently there is no QStatusBar to choose from in the tool box. And there is no option to promote a class to QStatusBar.

    I have tried the trick told on link stackoverflow to add a dummy widget first then manually change the object to use QStatusBar class in the generated ui header file. But the problem is every time I make a change in the designer again and try to run it, it will change back to the dummy class.

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    Well its only possible via code.
    You simply insert in after setupUI() been run in constructor
    QStatusBar *bar = new QStatusBar(this);

    Often you need a layout to keep it to the bottom but sounds like you
    already have that.

  • @mrjj

    Thanks it works. I added a layout to the bottom of the ui, and then in my cpp file I added the statusbar to the layout and it showed up. But somehow it's still not sticking to the bottom.

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    What kind of layout do you use in your widget ? How are you using it ?

  • @SGaist

    Hi i fixed the problem. It was caused by one of the initial functions in my cpp that outputed a layout onto the ui, which has not been constrained by the layout of the main widget.

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