How to Convert YCbCr image data to an image and display the same

  • I am getting a buffer containing Ycbcr format image data from a thermal camera and i have to capture the data and display the same as the image captured by the camera in qt GUI ; how do i convert the data to image and display the same ???

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    Convert the pixel color data to RGB and set it to the image's pixel. The required color transformation is on wikipedia (you can google it yourself), and for setting a pixel's color you can use QImage::setPixel or QImage::setPixelColor.

  • Actualy i need to discard all Y values and convert the CB and CR values to RGB data ; do you know any algorithm to convert only cb and cr values to RGB data ;

    only one i was able to find is

    float r = std::max(0.0f, std::min(1.0f, (float)(ycbcr.Y + 0.0000 * ycbcr.Cb + 1.4022 * ycbcr.Cr)));
    float g = std::max(0.0f, std::min(1.0f, (float)(ycbcr.Y - 0.3456 * ycbcr.Cb - 0.7145 * ycbcr.Cr)));
    float b = std::max(0.0f, std::min(1.0f, (float)(ycbcr.Y + 1.7710 * ycbcr.Cb + 0.0000 * ycbcr.Cr)));

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    Fix the Y value to the default and use the equation as usual.

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