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Trying to debug Android Tutorial App in QtCreator

  • Hi,

    I am running Qt Creator 4.7.0-rc1 (4.6.84) [Based on Qt 5.11.1 (MSVC 2015, 32 bit)
    Built on Jul 5 2018 05:23:43, From revision 9bbb085718 ].

    I was able to build the bubble tutorial in Android and was able to run it on a virtual device running on API version 25 (I cannot run it on API 28 - it says the device is not compatible).

    However, when I got to debug this application, I get the following output in QtCreator, and the AVD screen indicates this:


    14:31:12: Debugging starts
    I art : Not late-enabling -Xcheck:jni (already on)
    W art : Unexpected CPU variant for X86 using defaults: x86
    W ActivityThread: Application org.qtproject.example.AndroidAppOnQt is waiting for the debugger on port 8100...
    I System.out: Sending WAIT chunk
    I art : Ignoring second debugger -- accepting and dropping
    Could not load shared library symbols for 137 libraries, e.g. /system/lib/
    Use the "info sharedlibrary" command to see the complete listing.
    Do you need "set solib-search-path" or "set sysroot"?

    What am I missing? Thank you in advance.


  • @ServiceWiz

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    The responses on android problem are typically very slow. There is also a google Qt-Android group!forum/android-qt . I would recommend to place the question also there.

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