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How to call derived class' function from connected slot

  • For example in TCP or WebSocket server when there is a connection we connect a signal to a slot like this:

    void Server::processMessage(QByteArray message)
        QWebSocket *pClient = qobject_cast<QWebSocket *>(sender());
        if(pClient) {

    I tried to make doSomething() virtual but it doesnt call the overridden doSomething() function in derived class. Is there anything I can do or I have to connect one more time from derived class?

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    Can you show your complete code ?

  • It works as expected. I did a mistake in client program so therefore I couldn't see if it is called or not.

    It is solved now.

    After making 1 hour research about how signal-slot system works and what C++ compiler does, I decided to write here but found my mistake :)

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